2015 Golf Cart Parade – Thanks!

Wow! What an AWESOME turnout for the “2015 Golf Cart Parade”! 

We (Brad and Janice Hueske) want to thank EACH and EVERYONE who entered a golf cart in the parade this year.  The work that goes into them and the level of decorating is just amazing. 

Also want to give some BIG Shout Outs too:

To all the wonderful judges that volunteered or were roped into judging the golf carts.  Unfortunately I don’t know everyone’s name so I tried to include some pictures of judges, Rich & Antoinette, Roy & Brenda Peterson, Scott, Brandon, & Tate Sturtevant, Bruno & Karen (may have missed some).

The great ice cream scoopers – Mary Tjarks, Wanda Loney, and Liz 

To all the wonderful people who helped us set-up and clean-up. 

To Pam Sheaff for helping me get everyone registered into the parade.

My sisters who helped pass out the medals, take pictures and anything else we needed.
We loved seeing all the wonderful pictures on Facebook.

Brad & I have as much fun finding and creating the trophies through out the year as we do at the event.  We already have some new ideas for next year’s awards.

P.S.  I want to also put a special Thank you out to the Seibold family for keeping all of us on our toes and raising the bar for the past several years.