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Weekend Events


Lacy Hickson Memorial Horseshoe Tournament 

Please join us for a few games of horseshoes at the clubhouse and help support a great cause.

The Lacy Hickson Memorial Horseshoe Tournament will be held Saturday, August 6th, 2016 at the JLPOA Clubhouse.

Registration is at 9:00 AM. The Tournament will start promptly at 10:00 AM.

For more information about the LHMSF see:


Golf Cart Parade and Ice Cream Social

You won’t want to miss this event!  Get creative and decorate your golf cart and come join the fun at theClubhouse.

Lots of prizes! Ice cream for everyone!

Saturday, August 6th, 2016 at 6:00 PM


Happy Birthday, Jim Jacobson!

Come out to the Clubhouse on Sunday, August 7th at 4:00 PM to help Jim celebrate 65 stellar years!

Provided: Brad Hueske “MOB” BBQ
What to bring: side dish, dessert
Time: 4:00 PM until the food runs out

Thank you!


On behalf of the JLPOA Board and all the owners, thank you Fun Day Committee MembersAntoinette Pacheco Lots 312-313, Gene & Eva Alloway – Lots 100-101, Pam Lehman – Lots 170-171 and Vanessa & Bob Worthman – Lots 239-240, for a stellar 2016 Fun Day!  Also, thank you to all of the volunteers to assisted and donated – Ron and AmyDeanna,Hunter, Regan, Brittany, Dana, and Sydney.

The kids of the JLPOA are our future and the investment we make in them with these types of events will ensure the future of our beloved JLPOA for generations to come.  I cannot thank you enough.

Jimmy Lehnerz – JLPOA Vice President



Board Meeting
The August 2016 Board Meeting has beencancelled.

However, as we have received information from HindmanSanchez, the JLPOA Legal Team, there willstill be a Governing Documents Review Committee Meeting.  That meeting will take place at 10:00 AM on Saturday, August 13th 2016 at the JLPOA Clubhouse.


Water Manifold Hookups

We’ve seen numerous leaks with regard to above ground connections and we’ve seen numerous cases where owners are not using approved back-flow devices.  These connections will be turned off and disconnected.

Please also be sure that your connections are tagged with your lot number.

Take some time to check your connections this weekend.


JLPOA Watering Restrictions

Please familiarize yourself with the JLPOA Watering Restrictions located on the JLPOA Website here.


Lot Cleanup

A new batch of “Lot Cleanup” letters will be sent out this week and there are a number of lots on the list.

Please make sure that you are actively removing the weeds on your property or seek assistance from a vendor.