Monthly archive for August 2017


Jackson Lake Village

FREE BREAKFAST!!!    Labor Day weekend!

Link Sausage, Pancakes w/ syrup, Fresh Fruit, Juice or Coffee    8:30 until 10:00 or until the food runs out.


Brought to you by Steve and Sharon Hart, friends of JLPOA

And don’t forget the last dance of the year, Saturday, September 2nd, with D.J. John Waters!! Time to boot, scoot and boogie!!

Lacy Hickson Memorial Scholarship

Last Horseshoe Tournament of the Year!!!
When: September 2nd, 2017
Where: Clubhouse
Limber up that stiff shoulder, get it together and come on down. Grill master Mark is doing the hot dogs…this one should be a lot of fun!!

Lacy Hickson Memorial Scholarship

Please take a moment and read this letter from The Hicksons.
Thank you for all your support!!

Golf Cart Parade

Don’t forget this weekend, August 5th is the annual golf cart parade.
Light ’em up, decorate like you mean it!!
This is always a great event, we look forward to seeing everybody there!