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Jackson Lake Property Motorized Recreational Vehicle Rules and Regulations. Revised April 2011 (section 10)

  • Lot numbers shall be clearly posted on the vehicle, including any vehicles owned or operated  on JLPOA property owned by guests or visitors of property owners. (A temporary lot tag can be constructed from a piece of cardboard and adhered with tape for your visitors.
  • Normal MRV operating hours are from 7 AM to 9 PM. Adult use only after 9 PM, only with lighted vehicles. This includes clubhouse dances and other activities.
  • The posted speed limit is 15 MPH.
  • Operation of MRV’s on greenbelts is prohibited.
  • Donuts, brake skidding, power sliding and other forms of reckless driving are prohibited.
  • MRV’s are to stop at all intersections, before proceeding.
  • MRV’s will yield right of way to all other vehicles and pedestrians. When approached from the rear by a car or truck, the MRV will pull over to the right and allow the approaching vehicle to pass.
  • Gasoline powered MRV’s must be properly muffled.
  • MRV’s traveling together will form a single traffic line.
  • Overloading any MRV is prohibited:  Passenger Capacities:  Golf Carts: Driver + 2 passengers front, 2 passengers rear.ATV’s, Motorcycles, Mini-bikes: Per seat Design. Driver + 1 passenger Maximum.
  • Passengers are to remain seated, with no body parts hanging out from the vehicle at any time.
  • Water fights, tag and other forms of driver distracting horseplay are prohibited.
  • Helmets are recommended for all MRV’s other than Golf Carts.
  • A high safety flag is required on Go Carts.
  • Underage driving is a privilege, use it – don’t abuse it.


Restrictions on Pets – Pets must be on leashes when in a common area and, not on your property. Electronic leashes are acceptable. (check your batteries). There is a fine schedule for pets off leashes and for aggressive pets as well.  Check your Rules and Regulations for more info. Section 1, Article 5, Section 5.8

No Parking in fire lanes – All dirt streets in Jackson Lake Village are designated a Fire Lane. Parking is not allowed. That means sticking out into the lanes or parked on the lanes are prohibited. You may park to unload and load only. Towing of vehicles will be at the owner’s expense. Check your Rules and Regulations for more info. Section 18, and Letter 18a.

Nuisance – No nuisance shall be permitted within the Jackson Lake Village Community. If it unreasonably offends, harasses or disturbs any Owner and interferes with the peaceful enjoyment then it is classified as a nuisance. This means be courteous and respectful to your neighbors and the rest of the park. We all live here together. Check your Rules and Regulations for more info. Section 17, Article 5, Section 5.10 Nuisance

Clean up your messes on the beach and along the canal wall– Enjoy the areas. Just clean up your trash when you leave.

Checking your boat in – When putting a boat in the water, it must be checked in and when it comes out it must have the plug removed on the ramp unless there is a storm and the ramp is busy.

Watch your speed – the speed limit in Jackson Lake Village is 15 MPH. This includes cars, golf carts and off road vehicles. Please remind your kids and guests of this rule. We don’t want anyone hurt or property damaged. If you would like to go faster please enjoy the off road track on the south side of the lake for off road vehicles only. (Golf carts and vehicles not allowed). Check your Rules and Regulations for more info. Section 24, Article 5, Section 5.10 Nuisances.

Excavation – Any form of excavating in a common area without a locate & authorization from the board will result in a fine and or legal action.