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Hello JLPOA!


JLPOA Annual Meeting
By now, all of the owners should have received the JLPOA 2017 Annual Meeting packets containing notification of the Annual Meeting as well as other useful inclusions like the the revised Rules and Regs, current owner statements, etc.Please plan on attending the 2017 JLPOA Annual Meeting
Date: January 28th 2017
Time: Registration begins promptly at 8:45 AM
Location: 10 E 120th Ave, Northglenn, CO 80233 USIf you are unable to attend in person, please consider giving a JLPOA Proxy to someone you trust in your stead.  The proxy form is located here:


JLPOA Dues Increase
The JLPOA Budget Committee met in October of 2016.  As as result of that meeting, there will be an Association Dues increase in 2017.  A staggering $1 was added to your monthly dues this year to cover known expenses in 2017.  That equates to $32.00 per lot, per month.Special thanks to the Budget Committee and all who attended the meeting for their hard work and diligence.


Special “Thanks!” to Dave Hodapp for clearing the roads this winter with your heavy equipment!  For those who do not know Dave does this completely on his own and at his own expense.

We appreciate you, Dave!

Also, a very special “Thank you!” goes to the 2016 Volunteer Mussel Inspectors!  Your time and efforts were greatly appreciated!

  • Chris Barnhill
  • Steve Sheaff
  • Robert Butts

Happy November 2016


Hello JLPOA!

November is upon us (how’d that happen?) and the brisk air seems to be indicative that Old Man Winter is about to grace us with his presence.  Bundle up and c’mon out to the lake!  The fishing is great and the campfires are warm!
Have a great November 2016!


Jimmy Lehnerz – VP

Thank you!


Thanks so much, Gene and Eva Alloway for a stellarHalloween Party!  We all had a ball!  Your hard work and all of your efforts are greatly appreciated!  It was ‘spooktacular’!  Thanks again!

Thank you, President Chuck Hickson and Director of Maintenance Brad Hueske for adding a much needed storage shed near the JLPOA Clubhouse.  It looks fantastic and has really opened the clubhouse back up!  And, thanks, Brad, for the illumination in the common areas near the clubhouse and the playground.  You also did an amazing job rejuvenating our disco light.  We can’t thank you gentlemen enough for all you do for the JLPOA.

Thank you, Lisa Linnebur and the entire Entertainment Committee for the three main Summer events!  We appreciate you and your efforts!

Thank you, Carol Baber and the entire Audit Committee for the fine job you are doing with the JLPOA Audits.

Thank you, Margaret Journey and the entire Budget Committee for setting the 2017 Budget.

Thank you, Brad and Jan Hueske and the Golf Cart Parade and the Ice Cream Social Committee for putting on yet another spectacular event this year!

Thank you, Antoinette Pacheco and the entire Fun Day Committee for an amazing 2016 Fun Day Event!

Thank you, Mark and Wanda Loney, the Hicksons and the entire Horseshoe Committee for all of the Horseshoe Events this year!

And finally, thank you so much to Mike Linton, Paul Adams, Chuck Hickson and the entireGoverning Documents Review Committee for all of your hard work and efforts getting our Rules and Regs current with the Colorado State Laws.



Have you moved primary residences recently?  Please update theJLPOA Board via with your current mailing address and your lot number(s).  We’ll be sending the end of year mailer along with the proposed Rules and Regs changes and want to be sure that you receive it.



The formal December JLPOA Board Meeting has been canceled however, JLPOA Board Members will be at the Clubhouse at 10AM to prepare for the JLPOA Annual Meeting (in January), create Annual Meeting Packets, stuff envelopes, etc.


The JLPOA Annual Meeting will be held again at the Ramada Inn – Northglenn on Saturday, January 28th, 2017.

10 E 120th Ave, Denver, CO 80233

Sign-in begins at 8:45 AM and the meeting will start promptly at10:00 AM.

If you are unable to attend, please consider downloading, printing and filling out a proxy form located here…


In Memoriam


It is with a heavy heart that I relay the news of longtime JLPOA Owner, Barbara Leist’s, passing.  She will be dearly missed by all who knew her and we are praying for her family at this time.

The online Obituary is here –

Thank you!


On behalf of the JLPOA Board and all the owners, thank you Fun Day Committee MembersAntoinette Pacheco Lots 312-313, Gene & Eva Alloway – Lots 100-101, Pam Lehman – Lots 170-171 and Vanessa & Bob Worthman – Lots 239-240, for a stellar 2016 Fun Day!  Also, thank you to all of the volunteers to assisted and donated – Ron and AmyDeanna,Hunter, Regan, Brittany, Dana, and Sydney.

The kids of the JLPOA are our future and the investment we make in them with these types of events will ensure the future of our beloved JLPOA for generations to come.  I cannot thank you enough.

Jimmy Lehnerz – JLPOA Vice President

Weekend Events And Other News


Hello JLPOA!
The Summer is in full swing and we have already had tons of events and activities.  Please keep a watchful eye on the JLPOA Event Calendar, the JLPOA Facebook Group Events and the website Email Blasts for all of the latest JLPOA happenings.

On behalf of the 2016 JLPOA Board, we hope you are having a happy and safe Summer!
Jimmy Lehnerz – Vice President

Thank You!


Carp Near the Swim Beach and Boat Ramp
Thank you Tate Bass, Scott and Brittany Seibold, Matt Tietz, Bob and Vanessa Worthman, Steve and Glenn Deiker, Chase Simkavitz, Bob Butts and Brad Hueske for cleaning up the dead carp at the swim beach and from the boat ramp area.  We appreciate you TONS!

Clubhouse Pictures
Ever wonder where the beautiful pictures in the clubhouse originated?  For the last few years (maybe more), Liz Ehredt – Lots 118&120 has donated frames and displayed her captures.  After the last board meeting, Liz took the frames and will be swapping the pictures with recent captures.  We cannot thank you enough for your contributions to our community, Liz!  We appreciate you!

Would you like to see your *scenic* pictures displayed in the clubhouse?  Simply and attach the picture.

Latest News


I communicated with Brad Jackson, Park Manager, at Jackson Lake regarding the recent fish kill.  His reply was, I don’t have the definite answer, but a probable one.  I have discussed this with our fishery biologist and she did not have an exact answer either.  The reason we came up with is that carp are like salmon.  They work very hard during the spawn and the old ones die.  It has nothing to do with water quality or anything in the water.  It is safe to swim, eat fish caught here, etc.  It has not been this bad since 2009 and I hope it is almost over.  I am going to dig another pit on our south side and the owners can dump them there.”  Brad went on to say, “We have about 3 mils of shoreline to pick up carp on.  We hauled off three tractor bucket loads this morning and did the beach along the private area.
Please keep in mind that the lake is fairly large and that this was an unexpected event for them as well.  They are doing their best to keep up with this issue.  If you would like to volunteer to help with this effort, please contact Mr. Jackson by calling 1.970.645.2551.

Upcoming Events


July Birthday Bash and Keg&Diaper Party

WhenSaturday, July 16th 2016 @5PM
Where: JLPOA Clubhouse
What to Bring: cash donations and a case of diapers
Provided: Kabobs and Kegs

Join in the celebration for all of our July birthday babies as we host this BBQ, Keg & Diaper party. We will be celebrating all the birthdays that fall in the month of July, as well as the upcoming birth of the new Oeleis baby.

Kegs and Kabobs are being provided by Hickson and Oeleis families.


4th Annual Chilli Cookoff and Beer Tasting

When: Saturday, July 23 at 5PM
Where: Green Belt Behind Lot 338
What to Bring: Your best Chilli creation & 6-pack of a Microbrew or Import Beer
Provided: Bowls, spoons, napkins, taster cups, tortillas, slushy drinks for kids, games
Last year was a big success. 15 Chili entries and over 60 beers. How it works…… Bring your best Chilli creation and a 6 pack of a Microbrew or Import Beer. You can then sample any Beer in the collection. Jason Abbott, owner of Seedstock Brewery in Denver, will continue as our sponsor bringing some of his best work. We will provide bowls, spoons, napkins, taster cups, tortillas, and slushy drinks for kids. Some games, like Giant Jenga will be available and we will also continue with the big crowd pleaser, the Electric Wheelchair Chug Races. Hope to see you there. Oh Yeah……….We ID.



When: Saturday, July 30 at 9:30 AM – 2 PM
Where: JLPOA Clubhouse

Are you a kid? Do you have kids? Do you act like a kid? Then get ready to come and spend the day at Jackson Lake Village’s Annual Fun Day. We will have prizes, games, face painting, treats and lots and lots of good clean wet FUN!

Remember to pre-register your children to reserve an event tee shirt. *

Sign up to volunteer and remember your teens are welcome too. *

We will also be looking forward to all your homemade (&store bought) goodies for our cake walk.

*Volunteer, sign up to bring goodie or pre-register your child /children ages 2 – 12 by email @
or stop by and see Carol Barber @ lot 125-127

Email must include:
Lot Number

Child’s name
Child’s age
Child’s shirt size
(for each child attending)
Volunteers name
Time available

Thank Yous and Upcoming Events

Thank you!


Fireworks Committee:
Margaret and Steve Journey Jr. and all who helped them, thank you so much for all of your time and hard work putting on yet another stellar fireworks display this past weekend!  I didn’t think it was possible to best the 2015 display but you did and we appreciate you tremendously!  Thanks!

Entertainment Committee:
Lisa Linnebur and Danny Hoff Jr., we cannot thank you enough for planning organizing the band for our dances.  Thank you so much!  Also, thank you Ryan Sturtevant for donating the libations for the event.  We appreciate you!  Last, I’d like to thank Steve Deiker, Ryan Spears and Nick Seibold and everyone who helped me clean up after the dance ended.  We appreciate you all TONS!

JLPOA Board Members:
Thank you Brad Hueske and Chuck Hickson for installing the new security monitoring system at (and around) the clubhouse. Brad, we also thank you so much for adding the orange cones and no trespassing signs.  What a great idea!  And, thanks for all the work you’ve done with the rest of the signs!  We appreciate you!

Mussel Inspectors:
A HUGE thank you goes out to all of our Mussel Inspectors, both volunteer and paid.  Thank you so much for keeping us in good standing with the State of Colorado with regard to their policies and procedures and thanks for checking those JLPOA stickers.

Thank you all for coming out to the lake this weekend!

– Jimmy Lehnerz Jr. 
JLPOA Vice President

Upcoming Events


July 2016 JLPOA Board Meeting

Please join us at the JLPOA Clubhouse on Saturday,07/09/2016, for the July 2016 Board Meeting. The meeting starts promptly at 10:00 AM.

High Level Agenda

Open Forum (please sign in prior to the meeting if you wish to speak)
Secretary Report
Treasurer’s Report
Director At Large Report(s)
Maintenance Report
Vice President’s Report
President’s Report
Old Business
New Business
The Governing Documents Review Committee will meet promptly after the JLPOA Board Meeting has ended.


Lacy Hickson Memorial Scholarship Foundation Dinner

The date has been set for the LHMSF Dinner.  The event will be held Saturday, September 24th at the Clubhouse at5:00 PM.  If you’ve never been to this event, I highly encourage you to attend.  It’s a BLAST and the proceeds go to such a wonderful cause:

Please have your meat selections and payment to Chuck Hickson before September 10th.

The cost is $35 per plate and your meat choices are Prime Rib, Ribeye Steak or T-bone Steak.  Salad and a baked potato will also be provided.  Please remember to bring a side dish and\or something for dessert.  Prize donations are also welcomed.

The Raffle and Silent Auction will start promptly after dinner.