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Dues Page

The Paypal link and processing has been repaired.
Feel free to pay your dues using the link again.
Remember, there is a surcharge for using Paypal and you are responsible for that fee.

New Jlpoa Website

Good Afternoon Jlpoa!

As you can see we now have the website back up and running. This is the result of many hours of work and tireless efforts of Chad Williams from Top Notch Computer Support. This site is now on a stable, reliable host, and platform, so we should not have any more of the mysterious crashes. There are still pages that need to be updated and /or corrected, but the basics are all there. Please take a few minutes, check it out and let us know what needs to be fixed and what you like or dislike.

Please send your comments or questions to We will address any issues, please be patient.

Thank you. Paul Adams, Lot 79

ps. I know the committee page is all wrong…working on it!