Clubhouse Rental

Clubhouse Rental

The Association Clubhouse is available to all Dues-Current owners on a first -come, first-serve basis.

The Clubhouse is available to host your small or large, private gathering on a first come -first serve basis. The Association maintains first right-of-use on all Holiday weekends. The basic Clubhouse rental includes the Clubhouse activity rooms, patio area, 4- burner gas grill ( use your own propane bottle) , 2 big ” burger” grills, music-setup, kegerator and the pool table. Available at additional charge is the kitchen area which includes 2 stove-tops, 2 ovens, refrigerator and over-sized cooler to keep your perishables fresh and plenty of food prep area. You will have to sign a “Responsibility Agreement” saying that you are responsible for any damage and after-party cleanup, plus give a $50 check for a security deposit. The check will be returned to you at the end of the rental if the areas are clean and undamaged.(The agreement is found in the POA forms section for your review.)

Full day Rental -$50 with Kitchen $75
Security Deposit -$50 refundable
Clubhouse Rental Agreement

A $50 refundable deposit is required to rent the Clubhouse. You will have private use of the Clubhouse and the Patio areas. The Association has first rights to any dates… typically for our traditional holiday weekend events. Otherwise Rental is on a first come – first served basis.  Click and Check the POA events calendar to the right for availability.

A signed rental agreement is necessary to make sure it is turned back over to the Association in the same condition as when you signed for its use. That printable agreement is available below . Any Board member can grant access and sign -off this form. Clubhouse Rental – Rules and Responsibility Agreement


“Rainy Day” Clubhouse use
Anytime the Clubhouse is not reserved, it is available for your use!
The Clubhouse is available to youngsters and oldsters wishing to shoot some pool, play some cards or watch a Ball game or video.
All you have to do is have a responsible adult owner sign for the Clubhouse use from any available Board member and clean it back up after use! The only caveat to this is that if you open it for free, it is open to all owners/guests which is a fair exchange for the free use.
This has been done for years without incident. Just set the ground rules for the youngsters.