2017 Committees
Thank you to all the owners who have volunteered for these committees. If you would like to participate you are welcome at any time. Simply contact a Board member or member of the committee.
** Denotes Committee Chair

Clubhouse Committee

No other members signed up
** Danny Hoff Sr, lot 232

Board member assignment: Danny Hoff Sr.

Audit Committee

**Jessica Linton lots 157-158
Steve Sheaff lot 276
James Lenherz lots 309-311
Chuck Hickson Sr. lots 302-303

Board Member Assignment: Pam Lehman

Website Committee
**Paul Adams, Lot 79
Jim Jacobsen , lot 145-146

Board Member assignment: Bob Worthman

Budget Committee
** Carol Baber
Charles Hickson Sr. lots 319, 320
Jimmy Lehnerz, lots 309-311
Pete Ablanczy, lot 52-60

Board Member Assignment: Pam Lehman

Golf Cart Parade/Ice Cream Social
**Brad & Jan Hueske: Lots 273-274,314
Gene & Eva Alloway Lots 100-101

Board Member Assignment: Gene Alloway

Water & Sewer Committee
** Steve Hart lot 92-92
Jimmy Lehnerz: Lots 309-311
Charles Hickson Sr.: Lots 302-303

Board Member Assignment: Jim Jacobsen

Fun Day\Halloween Committee
**Eva Alloway: Lots 100-101
Louise Watkins lots 87-88
Vanessa & Bob Worthman: Lots 239-240

Board Member Assignment: Vanessa Wortham

Entertainment Committee
**Lisa & Danny Hoff Jr.: Lots 113

Board Member Assignment: Danny Hoff Sr.

Horseshoe Committee
**Wanda Loney: Lots 328-329
Chuck Hickson Jr.: Lots 302-303

Board Member Assignment: Bob Wortham

Recycling committee
**Tate Bass and Dana Delisle
Antoinette Pacheo lots 312-313

Board Member Assignment: Bob Butts

Architectural Review Committee

**Marvin Peska lots 46-47/70
Jason Greene lots 330-331
Nik Greene lot 321
Antoinette Pacheo  lots 312-313
Don Koch lots 133-134
Danny Hoff lot 232


Board member assignment: Jim Jacobsen