Forms and Processes

I, ________________________________, registered owner of lot #(s) _________________ hereby authorize _______________________________ to cast a ballot or ballots on all matters requiring a property owners vote at the 2019 JLPOA Annual Meeting.
This proxy is valid ONLY for the JLPOA Annual Meeting in 2019 (date to be determined) and must be validated by the JLPOA Audit Committee.
This proxy duly signed and dated is valid only for the 2019 Annual Meeting.
Lot Owner’s Name (printed) ___________________________ Lot #(s)_______________________
Lot Owner’s Signature _____________________________________________________________
Lot Owner’s Phone Number ________________________________________________________
Witness Signature ________________________________________________________________
Date Signed and Witnessed _____________________2019 Annual Meeting Proxy Form


Planning on digging at the lake?

Before you dig, start here:
Send locate requests to

JLPOA Guest Pass 

Guests in absence of property owners in the JLPOA Village is required to have a JLPOA Guest Pass. Guest Passes can be obtained at the club house, from any Board member or downloaded and printed here. JLPOA Guest Pass
The Property Owner assumes all Responsibility for any of their guest’s actions inside the park, and is also responsible for making sure that any guest is aware of the JLPOA Rules and Regulations. This means that any violation committed against the JLPOA Rules and Regulations by a guest will be assessed against the property that issued the Guest Pass. If a person or persons are approached by a Board member and cannot provide a Guest Pass it will be assumed that they are trespassing and the matter will be turned over to the proper authorities if the party in question refuses to leave the Village.
Above Rule & Regulation was adopted and approved unanimously at the April 8, 2006 Board of Directors meeting.

JLPOA Architectural Application Form


JLPOA Architectural Application Form

Direct Water Connection Regulations (1999 revision)

The information below is the current regulation. The Water and Sewer Committee is working on revisions.
Please Note: It is strongly suggested that all under ground plumbing have a “tracer wire” attached before burial.

JLPOA direct hookup to water supply Form

Greenbelt Access

It is against our by-laws to drive on our Greenbelts with any motorized vehicle. In order to do so you only need a permit signed by a Board member..

Temporary Authorization for Greenbelt Access Form

Update Your Contact Info

POA Contact Form
Please print and fill out the update your contact info form or Click Here to use the online form.

Clubhouse Reservation Request Form

Please use this Reservation Request Form to reserve the Clubhouse.
Clubhouse Reservation Form