JLPOA Governance page

… a comprehensive list of our POA governing documents

Use the “bookmarked” web versions of the large covenant and bylaws documents to get to your desired information quickly or select the entire document in .pdf format for saving your own personal copy or printing.

Signed original copies of everything are stored and available for viewing in the Clubhouse Office.

POA Rules and Regulations is the list of policies adopted over time by all Boards of Directors. They are reviewed annually for continuance, may be amended, and new policies can be created by any current Board of Directors majority vote.

SB-100 is the State of Colorado’s statute for HOA operation. Our POA corporate documents ( Covenant, Resolutions and Bylaws) were reviewed, amended and approved by a majority vote of the Association in accordance with this statute in 2006.

Five Resolutions were created or updated in accordance with SB-89 and were adopted January 12, 2007 by the 2007 Board and presented at the 2008 Annual Meeting. The current versions are published below. (Outdated versions are stored on the site but not published. Contact a webmaster for the old pdf’s if needed.)

Three Resolutions and two Rules were created or updated in accordance with SB-89 and were adopted January 10, 2009 by the 2008 Board and presented at the 2009 Annual Meeting. Changes are noted in the tables below.

2009 Board revised the MRV Violation and Lot Cleanup notification letters and are posted below. No other revisions.
The JLPOA is a covenant controlled community. That means there are legal, enforceable written polices of conduct and compliance for all members, all the time. These governing documents have been in place since our inception in 1978. Of course there are other aspects of operating the association that are important to all owners. Those are listed within this section.