Happy Independence Day!


Happy 4th of July JLPOA!



Bi-annual JLPOA Horseshoe Tournament at the Clubhouse on Saturday, July 2nd.
Registration starts at 9AM sharp!
Special thanks to the Loneys, Hicksons and the rest of the Horseshoe Committee!

4th of July Dance
The dance at the clubhouse starts at 7:00 PM.
The Cactus Jack Band will keep you on the dance floor all night!

Special thanks to the following:
Lisa Linnebur and the JLPOA Entertainment Committee

The Official JLPOA Fireworks display starts at 9:00 PM on Saturday, July 2nd.
Special thanks to the following:
Steve and Margaret Journey and the JLPOA Fireworks Committee


Guest Passes
Guests in absence of property owners in the JLPOA Village are required to have a JLPOA Guest Pass.

The Property Owner assumes all Responsibility for any of their guest’s actions inside the park, and is also responsible for making sure that any guest is aware of the JLPOA Rules and Regulations.

This means that any violation committed against the JLPOA Rules and Regulations by a guest will be assessed against the property (owner).

If a person or persons are approached by a Board member and cannot provide a Guest Pass it will be assumed that they are trespassing and the matter will be turned over to the proper authorities if the party in question refuses to leave the Village.
The above Rule & Regulation was adopted and approved unanimously at the April 8, 2006 Board of Directors meeting.

If you need a Guest Pass, you may download and print one via the JLPOA Guest Pass section of the JLPOA Website –


It has been brought to the JLPOA Board’s attention that folks are walking through lots to gain access to some of the greenbelts.

If you do not have permission from the owner to walk through a lot, you are trespassing which is a criminal offense and is punishable by law.


Above Ground Connections:
The JLPOA Board Memebers are monitoring every hydrant in the Village on a regular basis.

If you have above ground connections and your connections are leaking, they will be shut off and spray painted red.  It is the JLPOA owner’s responsibility to ensure that these connections are not leaking.

If you see a leaking connection, please report it to the JLPOA Board.  Contact information is located – http://www.jlpoa.org/2016-board-contact-info.html

Please also make sure that your above ground connection(s) are tagged with your lot number.  If the connections are not tagged, we will not be able to contact you in the event that they are leaking and, as such, will immediately be turned off and unhooked.

Please help keep our costs down by checking your above ground water connections on a regular basis!


Golf Carts, MRVs, Dirt Bikes, etc….
Golf carts, MRVs and Dirt Bikes inside the Jackson Lake Village must be clearly marked with your Lot number.  Please be sure your MRV(s) have this.


Special Thanks!
Special “thanks!” to our JLPOA Maintenance Director, Brad Hueske, for going above and beyond his position.  Brad has Single–handedly tackled the sprinkler issues at and by the clubhouse, he’s replaced outdated\weathered and stolen JLPOA signs and he’s installed a new security camera system in and outside the clubhouse.

Special thanks to our JLPOA President, Chuck Hickson, for also helping with the security camera system.

Thanks so much, gentlemen!  It is a pleasure and an honor to serve with you.

Future Events:


Board Meeting:
Please join us at the JLPOA Clubhouse on Saturday, 07/09/2016, for the July 2016 Board Meeting. The meeting starts promptly at 10:00 AM.

—High Level Agenda—
Open Forum (please sign in prior to the meeting if you wish to speak)
Secretary Report
Treasurer’s Report
Director At Large Report(s)
Maintenance Report
Vice President’s Report
President’s Report
Old Business
New Business


July Birthday Bash

July 16th @5PM at the Clubhouse

Join in the celebration for all of our July birthday babies as we host this BBQ, Keg & Diaper party. We will be celebrating all the birthdays that fall in the month of July, as well as the upcoming birth of the new Oeleis baby.

Keg and kabobs being provided by Hickson and Oeleis families. To join in the celebration, please bring either cash or a case of diapers.

In Closing…


On behalf of the 2016 JLPOA Board of Directors, I wish you a very happy and safe 4th of July weekend!

– Ji