Improving Your Lot

Improving Your Lot !

This sections is devoted to Lot Improvements. Here you will find the necessary procedures and forms to make your project go smoothly. Important! All Improvements start with a Board Member is it/phone call and a POA Permit Form before you go to get your County Permits. Having the Board “pre-approve” your improvement request will save you time in the County hearing for variances and speed up your permit approval process. You may be required to have your property boundary lines surveyed and your electrical, phone and water lines located if you are excavating/digging.

Our covenants contain the building and setback requirements along with regulations for conditional uses and other rules. You should take the time to read them. There are no regulations in our Covenants which are not Morgan County Regulations. Our Covenants are copied directly from this source. So, if you are in compliance with the County regulations, you will generally be in compliance with the Association as well. This is why the Association can rely on the County for enforcement of regulations and why requesting a “regulation variance” is an important matter.

You will need to work with the Board of Directors for consultation on your improvements. Please note that a June 15, 2000 letter from Morgan County Zoning states that violations to greenbelt areas will result in prosecution against the JLPOA. This is why you should cooperate by seeking authorization to proceed with your improvement from the Board.

Improvements fall into 3 categories: Building Improvements, Vault Installations and Direct Connection to POA Water.

Building ( general lot) Improvements are controlled by the Morgan County Planning and Zoning Department. Vault Improvements are controlled by the North East Colorado Health Department. Each entity has its own Regulations, Permit, Variance requirements and of course… fees. Direct Connection to POA Water Lines has another POA Permit.

Morgan County Planning and Zoning (970)-867-8754

Northeast Colorado Health Department (970) 867-4918

Regardless of the type of improvement you wish to make, your first step is obtain a POA Improvement Permit from a Board Member. Discussing your improvement with a Board Member might help prepare you for any obstacles you may encounter.

Next, acquire the County permits and a variance forms if needed (they are separate documents). There is some work involved in the variance approval process so give yourself plenty of time for this.

Once approved, copy the Board with your permit & variance info per the POA Permit & begin your work. This info will go into your POA Owner File for future use if you need it.

If you are doing any excavating you need to locate your utility lines first. As you do this get with a Board Member to make sure any new Electrical and Water lines are properly located on the Master Park Utility Map. You will appreciate this info the next time you excavate!