Lacy Hickson Memorial Scholarship 2015


Dear Family, Friends and Neighbors:

There is never a day that goes by that something doesn’t remind us of Lacy. A song that she liked reminds us so much of how head strong she was. I can just imagine seeing her singing that song with her head bopping! We plan on sharing this song with you at the dinner.

We are very pleased to announce we awarded five $1,000 scholarships to students this year.  Two students are from Jackson Lake: Tyler Imel and Baylie Taylor.  Three students are from Wiggins HS: Alexa Ashbrook, Jade Crandall and Bernie Kopetzky. And, as of this year, we have been able to award 42 students with a scholarship.

Thank you so VERY MUCH for supporting Lacy’s foundation –
We could not make this possible without your help.

This year we held a horseshoe tournament in May. We were anticipating a terribly rainy day as it had rained the whole month of May. Instead we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day – not one rain drop!

We do have 2 more events planned this year: a 2nd Lacy Hickson Memorial Horseshoe Tournament on August 8th and the Tenth Annual Lacy Hickson Memorial Dinner onSeptember 26th at the JLPOA clubhouse.

Hope to see you there!!!

God Bless,
Chuck and Debbie Hickson
Lot 320