Thank you!

For those who do not already know, Dave Hodapp spent the majority of his day clearing monstrous amounts of snow from the roads in the entire JLPOA Village yesterday.  He donated his time, his fuel and his backhoe.  Thanks also to Dale Johnson for helping clear snow on the South Shore.  Thanks so much, Dave and Dale, for giving back to your JLPOA!  We appreciate you tremendously!

Photo Credit: NaDina Butts Francone (thank you too!)

Governing Documents Review Committee


Wanted: Governing Documents Review Committee

The 2016 JLPOA Board needs assistance from the JLPOA owners.  The JLPOA needs to form a “Governing Documents Review Committee” to review the JLPOA Covenants and Bylaws and update them to be consistent with current Colorado law as recommended to us by the JLPOA Attorneys, HindmanSanchez.

If you are interested in signing up for this very important committee, please  Please add the subject “Governing Documents Review Committee“, communicate your interest in the body of the email and provide your name, lot number(s) and phone number.  We will also have a sign-up sheet at the clubhouse during the Board Meeting on February 13th.

Thank you and Welcome!


Thank you!
On behalf of the JLPOA owners, thank you so much, outgoing 2015 JLPOA Board of Directors!  We sincerely appreciate all of your hard work, patience and support throughout the year.

Outgoing 2015 Board of Directors

President: Chuck Hickson  Lots 319-320
Vice President: Jimmy Lehnerz Jr. Lot 309-311
Secretary: Wanda Loney Lots 328-329
Treasurer: Mary Tjarks Lots 297-299
Maintenance: Chuck Hickson, Jr.  Lots 302-303
Director at Large: Brad Hueske Lots 273-274, 314
Director at Large: Mark Loney Lots 328-329



Welcome 2016 JLPOA Board of Directors!  We look forward to a very productive year!

Incoming 2016 Board of Directors
President: Chuck Hickson  Lots 319-320
Vice President: Jimmy Lehnerz Jr. Lot 309-311
Secretary: Vanessa Worthman – Lots 239-240
Treasurer: Pam Lehman 170-171
Maintenance: Brad Hueske – Lots 273-274, 314
Director at Large: Jim Jacobson – Lots 145-146
Director at Large: Bob Worthman – Lots 239-240

Reminder: JLPOA Annual Meeting



The JLPOA Annual Meeting will be held again at the Ramada Inn – Northglenn on Saturday, January 30th, 2016.

10 E 120th Ave, Denver, CO 80233

Sign-in begins at 8:45 AM and the meeting will start promptly at 10:00 AM.

If you are unable to attend, please consider downloading, printing and filling out a proxy form located here…

JLPOA Event Calendar:
JLPOA Facebook Group Event:

Slash Pile Burning Planned for Jackson Lake


Brad Jackson, Park Manager at Jackson Lake State Park, has communicated that the the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, in cooperation with the Division of Fire Prevention and Control, will be burning a large slash pile at Jackson Lake State Park very soon (weather permitting).

Please see the attached “Slash pile burning planned for Jackson Lake SP.pdf” email thread for more information.



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