Conserve Our Water

Water is at the center of everything here at Jackson Lake—literally. We come together through the following rules and regulations to protect this precious resource. Remember, water is a common resource paid for through JLPOA dues. In fact, water is one of our highest costs. Conserving our water is the right thing to do, but it also saves us all money too!

JLPOA Water Hook-up Regulations

JLPOA Owners may connect to the JLPOA main water service as follows:

Above Ground Manifold Supply Connection:

Underground lines from the owner’s home to the manifold supply location shall be of drinking water standard PVC or CPVC pipe not greater than 3/4″ in diameter. This line shall be buried 12″- 18″ deep. Connections from the home supply line to the local manifold supply shall be of 1/2 o.d. soft copper and contain a shut-off valve and a FEBCO 810 or equivalent double-action backflow preventer valve. This manifold connection shall be marked with the Owner’s Lot number.

Summer water supply manifolds shall not be connected to the red supply hydrants before April 1st and must be disconnected before October 31st. Owners assume all responsibility for freeze damage from unpredictable spring and fall weather, as well as any costs resulting from frozen manifolds or hydrants may be assessed back to the Owner(s) operating their summer manifold outside of the above-mentioned dates.

NOTE: JLPOA maintenance responsibilities end at the red supply hydrant. Manifolds and connections thereto are the maintenance responsibility of Owners using them. Please repair leaks when they occur.

Below Ground Direct Supply Connection:

Owners may connect a buried home water supply line to the JLPOA water main upon acceptance of the following provisions:

  1. No direct connection work may begin without a Jackson Lake Improvements Permit approved by the Architectural Committee or the Board of Directors.
  2. JLPOA maintains the rights to access an owner’s curb stop box at any time.
  3. Owner assumes all costs of direct water line connection to the main supply lines.
  4. A licensed plumber must make any direct connection to the JLPOA main supply line, and all work must be inspected by JLPOA prior to burying.
  5. Owner assumes all responsibility for any damages to plumbing lines and fixtures located on their property, plus any related JLPOA expenses resulting from freeze damage, including plumber charges and wasted water costs.
  6. Once connected, the piping from the main supply line to Owner’s curb stop box shall become property of JLPOA, as part of the main water supply.

With acceptance of the above provisions, Owners may connect a 1/2″ PVC home supply line to the 1 1/4″ PVC JLPOA supply line at a depth equal to that of the main supply line—ideally 5 feet deep—to prevent freezing. The 1/2 ” line may be enlarged to 3/4″ within the Owner’s curb stop box.

The home supply line must have a standard 3/4″ brass curb stop valve and a FEBCO 810 or equivalent double action backflow preventer valve readily accessible within the curb stop box. The curb stop valve will require the use of a standard, T-handled, 5‘ long curb stop valve key to operate it.

The curb stop box shall be located on Owner’s Lot not greater than 3 feet from the street or edge of the Lot, as applicable. The curb stop box may be constructed from a 10″ diameter or greater PVC tube and must have an end cap marked with the Owner’s Lot number, for use as a weather tight cover. The bottom of the curb stop box shall extend below the curb stop valve and the top of the curb stop box shall protrude above ground sufficiently to be easily visible from the street or common area. Should Owner’s property have a closed fence, the curb stop box shall be located adjacent to the fence on the outside of the fence for JLPOA accessibility.

The water supply line from the curb stop box to Owner’s home shall not exceed 3/4″ in diameter and be buried ideally not less than 5 feet deep to prevent freezing.

Water Conservation Rules

Add the following copy as an additional “rule” on Governance Page as well as including on Conserve our Water page…

JLPOA Outside Water Restrictions

Pursuant to Section 5.16 of the JLPOA Covenants, the following Outside Water Restrictions have been adopted by the 2007 Board of Directors on June 9, 2007 effective June 15th, 2007.

JLPOA Outside Water Restrictions 


(1) Automated Sprinkler Systems
  • 20 minutes per station every other night between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
(2) Hand Watering
  • Hand watering of “young trees”, shrubs, flower, and vegetable gardens may be watered at any time by hand, or with drip irrigation. Using a watering can or someone holding a hose with a restrictive nozzle is considered watering by hand.
  • Hand watering utilizing a hose with a sprinkler of manual operation or an irrigation controller will be allowed 20 minutes per watering zone every other day, but is NOT ALLOWED between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
  • Occasional washing/hosing off vinyl siding, washing out roof gutters, washing in preparation for paint or staining is allowed within reason.
  • Home car washing is allowed with a restrictive nozzle hose and bucket, and minimal runoff.
(3) Watering Variance Request
  • Newly added lawn watering variance must be permitted through the Board of Directors for a $25 permit charge (hyperlink to Watering Variance Permit Form on Forms page).
  • Expected watering variance timeframes:
    • Sod – 20 day watering variance may be requested.
    • Seed – 30 day watering variance may be requested.
  • 1st and 2nd week watering allowed is 2-3 times per day, then every day up to respective approved time frame (Sod or Seed).
(4) Other Approved Uses for Outside Water Use
  • Use of a hose for spraying yard chemicals or weed killer will be allowed as needed.


Owners may confidentially report watering violations by submitting a Complaint Form.


Pumping from Jackson Lake Reservoir